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Here you should  find all the items we currently have in stock, and a range of custom items which will be made to order. The shop is sorted into three main categories:

'Bottom' for fall those items generally worn below the waistline (though with kids, anything goes as we all know!)

'Top' for all those items designed to cover the top half and

'Top and Bottom' for all the bits that do both jobs!

Ready to ship items will be posted to you as soon as possible, custom items will be made up in order and sent out when complete (please allow up to three weeks). 

If you tootle over and find that the item you want is currently out of stock, never fear! You can either place a custom order in the same colours (or your own choices) or you can sit tight and keep an eye here for new stock items to be listed. If you need some entertainment you *could* have a look at the blog...

All our clothing is made with a lovely soft jersey material (95% Cotton, 5% Elastane) and will withstand even the crawliest of small people (this has been tested on our resident one year old). Washing is simple, cool wash and preferably line dry (for environmental reasons as much as to preserve the clothing), and if it does get tumbled, make it a low heat. Easy peasy!

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